Hummingbird Feeders

Inverted Vs. Saucer Hummingbird Feeders

There are two basic types of hummingbird feeders. The two possible choices are the bottle or inverted feeder and the saucer feeder. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that you will want to consider before purchasing a hummingbird feeder. There is no such thing as a right or wrong choice in this matter, only your need to decide what will be the choice that will best meet your personal needs.

Considerations for the bottle or inverted feeder…

• It is easier to check the nectar levels of this type of hummingbird feeder.
• This type of hummingbird feeder typically has a greater nectar capacity.
• This feeder is more prone to leakage and more likely to attract ants and other insects.
• The inverted feeder is often more difficult to clean and fill.

Considerations of the saucer feeder…

• Saucer feeders are far easier to fill, clean and assemble.
• This type of feeder can be mounted on poles or railings.
• The smaller capacity nectar reservoir requires it be refilled more frequently.
• The saucer feeder may be less visible and therefore harder for the hummingbirds to locate.

The use of a hummingbird feeder is one of the most common ways people use to try and attract hummingbirds to their yards. This can be a very effective method to use but it also requires some effort and work by the owner. When trying to select the type of feeder that is best for your needs, please keep the above considerations in mind.