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Should You Move Your Hummingbird Feeder?

Has your hummingbird feeder been in the same exact location for a long time and you now find that you are having trouble with various insects at the feeder? One way to help with this issue is to relocate your feeder somewhere else. In this post you will discover why this will help the issue.

Insects as well as hummingbirds are creatures of habit and will likely visit the most convenient and reliable food source available. Insects are unlike hummingbirds because the insects are far less likely to search for a relocated food source. This is why the act of moving a feeder can decrease the number of insects visiting it.

The simple act of moving your feeder, even just a few feet, can help decrease the number of insects which visit your hummingbird feeder. In a very short time, maybe even a few minutes, hours or days, the hummingbirds will once again find your hummingbird feeder because these birds do not mind searching for a dependable food source and due to the bird’s excellent memory they will return again and again to the feeder that is responsible for it.