Hummingbird Videos

Hummingbird Nest

In this video naturalist Dave Sapienza, from Lake Hope State Park, shows off a hummingbird’s nest and he will help you discover how the nest is made, where a nest can be found, and how a hummingbird uses it as a home.


Hummingbird Nest Construction Time

Have you ever wanted to know about anything about the construction of a hummingbird’s nest? If so, then this post is one which you will particularly enjoy reading. This post will help you discover who is responsible for nest construction, how long construction of the nesting site takes and what materials are used in the building of the nest.

It is the female hummingbird who is responsible for constructing the nesting site. The nest construction will be completed in less then a week, but during this time the female hummingbird will work about four hours per day on it and make approximately 100 trips back and forth while doing so.

The foundation of a hummingbird’s nest is made of spider webs because of the sticky nature of this material. The next layers of the nest consist of soft materials such as moss or leaf hairs. These layers help give the nest its shape and then a mold is made and then more spider webs are added. Now a layer of camouflage is brought in and this can consist of anything from seeds to small twigs.

When it comes to their efforts to camouflage their nest a hummingbird is very creative in nature. Here is how a hummingbird tries to camouflage its nest. The camouflage is darker on shaded parts of the nest and lighter where it is sunnier, walls are thicker on the windier side and, for added comfort, and the inside of the nest is shaped by the mother’s own body.