Why Hummingbirds Fly Alone

When a hummingbird migrates it will fly the same flight path or flight zone repeatedly. A hummingbird will follow the same flight path or flight zone they did the first time the journey was made. This post will help you discover why hummingbirds travel alone on their migration journey rather then as part of a group.

There are various reasons why hummingbirds make the migration journey alone. The small size of the hummingbird makes it more difficult for most predators to spot them and the same could not be said if these birds traveled as a group rather then alone. Even along the way of their migration journey, hummingbirds need to stop and feed regularly at a flower or hummingbird feeder. If the journey was not made alone, the birds would be fighting over the food source. During hummingbird flight, the birds do not have enough body mass to cause a wake in the air currents to aid the other birds.