Why Fall Hummingbird Watching Is Better

Yes, I know that hummingbird migration occurs in both the spring and fall each year, but I like many people believe that some of the best hummingbird watching can occur during fall migration. Since the arrival of fall is not too far away, I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to watch the migrating hummingbirds. This post will explain the reasons why I believe that fall migration is a better opportunity for hummingbird watching.

Fall is a great time to attract hummingbirds. The first reason that I prefer the fall migration over spring migration is because the hummingbirds seem to pass through in more concentrated numbers. Also, during the fall, the hummingbirds will be taking their time in search of a good winter feeding territory. As a result, the hummingbirds are more likely to settle for a week or two at a feeding station. Please keep in mind that it is important that hummingbird feeders remain up even through late fall in order to help ensure that migrating birds can feed during their long migratory journey.

It would seem that where you live would largely determine whether or not you most prefer the spring or fall migration of the hummingbirds. I am just expressing my own opinion on why I enjoy the fall migration the best. What is your opinion and why? Let me hear what it is you have to say on the subject.