A Few Surprising Hummingbird Facts

Most typical species of North American hummingbirds only weigh only approximately 1/10 of an ounce! To help you understand just how very little that weight actually is, according to hummingbird expert Laura Erickson, you could mail nine or ten hummingbirds for the cost of a single postage stamp!

There are some sixteen different species of hummingbirds which are known to breed regularly in the United States. In addition, another 6 or so different species that are found in Mexico or the Caribbean have been seen in the United States.

Hummingbirds consume between 3 and 7.5 calories per day. While that may not sound like much, but it truly is when compared with a human being, who would have to intake 155,000 calories per day to equal that of the hummingbird.