Hummingbird Pictures

Anna’s Hummingbird In Napa Valley

An Anna's Hummingbird is feeding at a pink flower.
An Anna's Hummingbird is feeding at a pink flower.

The photo used in this posted comes from the website The information about this photo sates it was taken in the Napa Valley. I wish to state the source of this photo in order to give proper credit and therefore not mislead my readers. Now for a little information about the Anna’s Hummingbird.

The Anna’s Hummingbird is the most common hummingbird found in Southern California. It is also one of three species of hummingbirds, along with Allen’s and Costa’s, that are permanent residents of the United States or Canada.

It is believed that the plant gooseberry and the hummingbird have evolved together, which may help explain why a favorite native food source of the Anna’s Hummingbird is red gooseberry, an abundant plant that flowers early in spring. This species of hummingbird also consumes more insects than any other North American hummingbirds, catching small flying insects on the wing in the manner of a flycatcher, or by hover-gleaning among the leaves and twigs of trees. Or they find sustenance at the sap wells of sapsuckers or by pilfering insects from the webs of spiders. The Anna’s Hummingbird eats more arthropods than most hummingbirds.