Young Hummingbirds Are Not Taught to Fly

It is a common myth is that adult hummingbirds teach their young to fly. This is simply not true! Young hummingbirds instinctively know how to fly. When a young hummingbird is nearing the end of their nesting phase, they begin to rapidly start fluttering their wings and this causes them to briefly lift off the nest. This first flight is usually extremely brief, just carrying them to a nearby limb, and often takes place without the mother hummingbird even being present for the event. Can you imagine this? That would be nature’s equivalent of a parent missing their child’s very first step.
The biggest problem a young hummingbird has on their first flight is perching rather than flying. The young have trouble perching because their feet are not yet strong. Over time and with practice, the ability of the young hummingbird to perch effectively will improve.

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