Yes, Hummingbirds Do Have Feet

I am constantly amazed by the common falsehoods many people, both adults and children, still have about hummingbirds. Even in this age of technology and endless information, there are still people who mistakenly believe that hummingbirds do no have feet. How this can still be believed today is beyond me, because if you have ever seen a hummingbird it is obvious that the bird has feet. Just to be perfectly clear, hummingbirds do indeed have feet, and this post will provide some information about the hummingbird’s feet.

A hummingbird’s feet serve only one purpose, which is to enable the hummingbird to perch. Whenever a hummingbird must travel any distance, even just two inches, the bird must fly. Hummingbirds will lift off from a perch without pushing off and they rise solely through their own power. The hummingbirds obtain this power by flapping their wings at almost full speed before lifting off. Hummingbirds fly at a very high rate of speed and have the ability to stop suddenly and quickly and still make a soft landing. Hummingbirds are extremely light and therefore they do not build up much momentum.

The feet of the hummingbird are extremely weak and therefore the hummingbird is virtually unable to walk. The hummingbird uses its feet to unable it to perch.

As this post clearly examines, hummingbirds do indeed have feet. The hummingbird’s feet are extremely weak and perhaps poorly developed, but nevertheless the feet are still vitally important to the hummingbird because the feet enable the hummingbird to perch.

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