Why Hummingbirds Use Spider Webbing

The construction of the nest is vital to the female hummingbird. That is why the choice of nesting materials is extremely important. While the nest is constructed of many materials, have you ever wondered why female hummingbirds will use spiders webbing in the construction of the nest? This post will provide you with the answer to this question.

Hummingbirds use spider webs as glue to attach the nest to a tree branch as well as a binding agent for the building materials.

A silk of a spider’s web is incredibly strong. It has been compared to being as strong as steel on a weight basis.

A hummingbird’s nest are made of lichens, moss and fragments of bark, bound together with strands of spider web and lined with soft downy plant material like cottonwood fluff. The female hummingbird includes spiders webbing in the construction of the nest to try and ensure the strength of the nest itself as well as the safety of her young.

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