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What Questions Do You Have About Hummingbirds?

Do you have a question about hummingbirds that you have always wanted answered, but you can’t find the answer? If so, let me know and I will try to provide the answer in a future post.

Dear Readers:

Today’s post is going to be a bit different then usual and I hope you will bare with me. Rather than covering a particular topic relating to hummingbirds in today’s post, I want to ask you what questions you may have about hummingbirds? Please share them with me because it will help me be better able to provide you with the exact type of information you would like to see discussed on this blog.

While this blog already contains a wide range of information about hummingbirds, that does not mean that a particular topic cannot be improved on or expanded upon. So, please let me hear from you to give me a better idea of the topics about hummingbirds that you would like to know much more about.

After all, I truly want this blog to serve as a place of information and discussion for all who are enjoy hummingbirds. As much as I love and enjoy sharing my knowledge of hummingbirds with all who read this blog, I want you to feel that you also play an important role in making this blog the best that it can possibly be. It is impossible for me to be aware of every possible question, comment or topic suggestion that you might have, so I have no real way of knowing if your needs are being met through this blog.

Thanks to all who read this blog! You make all my effort and hard work worth it. By letting me know about any questions you have about hummingbirds or even possible topic suggestions, you are playing a vital role in making this blog the best it can possibly be. Thanks! Let’s have those questions…please.


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I live in Washington state & have been feeding the Anna Hummingbirds, which stay here year round, for the last five years. Just recently, about two weeks ago, I haven’t seen any hummers at my feeder & my feeder is still full. What could have happened to them? I’m wondering if a predator has harmed or scared them off. I hope you can provide me with an answer. Thank you.

Hi Sue,

Thanks for your comment and question. While I’m not in a position to say for sure, there are several possibilities.

Yes, it could be a predator. Hummingbirds have many. A new cat in the neighborhood? Larger birds, praying mantis and even other hummingbirds as they are very territorial.

They could be busy nesting and tending to their young.

Spring offers a bounty of natural food sources and they will flock to those.

Extended bad weather can keep them away.

Keeping feeders clean as fresh nectar is critically important. Nectar should be changed, on average, at least twice a week. Consider adding a fruit feeder or two nearby the nectar feeders. Overripe fruit like bananas or peaches can be used to attract a small horde of fruit flies. Once the hummers realize there are fruit flies, they will fly over to the fruit feeder to feast on those tiny insects.

Hope that helps :)

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