Dear Mom Hummingbirds

What is an Immature Hummingbird?

If you are someone who regularly observes hummingbirds, have you ever before thought about what the term immature means? until I was recently asked about this by someone, I myself had never before given the matter much consideration. After doing some research, here is what I can now share with you.

The term immature refers to a young bird which is independent but has yet to complete the molt into their adult plumage. You may now be wondering what is exactly meant by the term molt. Well, I have that answer for you as well. Molt is the normal cycle of loss and replacement of feathers.

I hope this post helps you understand what is meant by an immature bird. As I was writing this post, thoughts of my mom came to mind because I can imagine her wanting to know just how to determine if a bird is immature or not. If she were still alive today, I would be able to share this information with her as well.

One last thing, I do not normally like a post to require the use of so many definitions, but there was no other way to write this post without the use of these terms. Thanks for your understanding and please visit the site again.

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