Weather Dangers to Hummingbirds

There are many dangers that a hummingbird can face, including one that you might you might not even consider, that is a factor each and every day. Do you have any idea what that might be? It is the weather and this post will explain how the weather can be a real source of danger to a hummingbird.

A heavy freeze can kill a hummingbird. This can cause the hummingbird’s body temperature to drop too low and the bird will not awaken from a state known as torpor, the hibernation like state that the bird will enter each evening to try and ensure its survival through the night. Extreme heat or drought can also result in the death of a hummingbird due to dehydration. Heavy rains occurring while a hummingbird is flying across the Gulf of Mexico have been known to be the cause of the hummingbird being pushed into the water and drowning because of it. Wind can be quite a strong and destructive force which can cause great harm to a hummingbird. It can cause the birds to be blown into things like thistles and thorns.

A hummingbird must face many challenges in its efforts to survive, but the weather is certainly a big challenge that has a huge impact on the hummingbird’s daily struggle to survive. This fight for survival is made even greater by the vastly changing nature of the weather from day to day.

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