Violet-Crowned Hummingbird

According to what source you consult, you will find different information about where this particular species of hummingbird is found. Let me explain just what I mean. According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s site, this species of hummingbird is found in extreme west Texas, on the Edward’s Plateau, in south Texas and on the coast.   According to hummingbird experts Don and Lillian Stokes, this hummingbird is found in one small area of the United States: the adjacent corners of Arizona and New Mexico. Regardless of which source you believe, apparently it isn’t very likely that many if us will see one for ourselves. 

The nest of this species of hummingbird has very rarely been found. Those nest that have been found located mostly in Sycamore trees on braches some 20-40 feet above the ground.
Virtually nothing is known of the migratory movements, courtship, breeding behavior, displays or territorial behavior of this bird. That is why it is extremely important that if you think you have observed this species, please take some notes because the information you provide could be valuable. 
This bird is a Texas Bird Records Committee review species. All occurrences should be reported to the committee with detailed documentation to enhance our knowledge of this bird in the state. Anyone wishing further information on how to provide the information should contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department or visit their website to learn more.

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