Unusual Predators of the Hummingbird

The hummingbird faces many predators, but some are more unusual then others. This includes the frog and even a bass fish. Frogs can capture a hummingbird, although the result is probably death to both. According to The Hummingbird Society, there is at least one report in the literature of a bass fish capturing a hummingbird.
The spider can even be seen as an unusual predator of the hummingbird. The hummingbird uses spider webs as a source of material in the construction of their nest, because it is necessary to bind the nest to the tree branch and to hold the nest together. The hummingbird must be extremely careful while removing the pieces of webbing, for it may become entangled and be trapped there. The Spider’s silk has a strength that is comparable to steel on a weight basis.
These are not the only known predators of hummingbirds, but they are some of the more unusual ones. Let us hear from you if you know of other unusual predators of the hummingbird. 

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