The Prower of a Hummingbird’s Vision

Have you ever wondered about the strength or power of the hummingbird’s vision?  If so, then the information in this post will provide you with the information you seek and it may even serve to inform you as well.  

It is believed that a hummingbird can see your feeder from approximately 3/4 of a mile way.  Isn’t that amazing?  The reason for this is because hummingbirds are believed to have 8X binocular vision.   

It may also surprise you to discover that the vision of a hummingbird is better then that of a human.  A hummingbird has the ability to see into the ultraviolet range, can see at a far greater distance, and the hummingbird’s vision allows them to react to things more quickly then we as humans can. 

So, what do you think?  Does what you have discovered make you wish that you yourself had better vision? 

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