Protection for the Hummingbird

Have you ever wondered what legislation is in existence to protect the hummingbird? I did and I discovered some very interesting information that I will now share with you. I hope you will find it as interesting as I myself did.
The Endangered Species Act requires the United States federal government to identify species threatened with extinction, identify habitat they need to survive, and help protect both.  In doing so, the Act works to ensure the basic health of our natural ecosystems and protect the legacy of conservation we leave to our children and grandchildren.
It may interest you to know that there is only one hummingbird listed under the Endangered Species Act. Do you know which species? I’d be amazed if you know the answer because it is a species of hummingbird that I myself had never before heard of until doing research for this post. The only hummingbird listed under the Endangered Species Act is the hook-billed hermit hummingbird.
The Migratory Bird Treaty Act implements various treaties and conventions between the U.S. and Canada, Japan, Mexico and the former Soviet Union for the protection of migratory birds. Under the Act, taking, killing or possessing migratory birds is unlawful.
I hope you have found the information in this post to be interesting. It is not my intention to imply that the information found here is a complete listing of all existing legislation intended to protect the hummingbird. It is just what I discovered in the course of doing research for this post. The information for this post was provided by the Defenders of Wildlife. If you are interested in additional information you may contact them at the following:


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