Dear Mom Hummingbirds

Perches Are Needed in a Hummingbird Garden

Yes, hummingbirds do feed frequently, but hummingbirds also have a need for perches on feeders and in in your hummingbird garden. This post will explain what all can act as these perches and why it is important why your hummingbird garden provide this to the hummingbirds that visit your garden.

Hummingbirds look for perches on which to rest and preen whenever they are not feeding. These perches can be in the form thin vines, trellises, wires, clotheslines, or even multiple levels of vegetation that will also provide a source of shelter for the hummingbirds. Due to their extremely aggressive nature, the perches should also provide a good view of the hummingbird’s territory. If you have plants and shrubs on which the hummingbirds will perch, these should be placed near food sources which are known to attract hummingbirds to ensure the best possible success with attracting the hummingbirds.

As I sit here writing this post, I cannot help but think of my mom. You see, my mom did many things to attract the hummingbirds to our yard, but I cannot recall that she did anything except providing feeders with perches to give the hummingbirds a place to perch. As a result, I feel certain that she would have benefited from the information contained in this post to have helped her towards an even greater success with attracting hummingbirds to our yard. It is my hope that you will also benefit from the information contained in this post as well.

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