More About Hummingbird Nest

Many people are never lucky enough to find and view a hummingbird nest.  If you happen to be among the lucky few who experience this wonder, there are a few important things to keep in mind.  First and foremost, in many states it is illegal to posses a hummingbird nest.  As a result, do yourself and the hummingbirds a favor, don’t try to keep it.  After all, you wouldn’t like anyone taking your home.  Second, it is extremely rare for the female to abandon the nest, so in all likelyhood the mother hummingbird will return to care for the young.  Third, it is possible for the female to retun to the same place year after year.  The female may not use the same exact nest again but she could use the nesting materials from the old nest to construct the new nest.

Please try and remember these things whenever you are fortunate enough to find and view a hummingbird nest.  Count yourself among those lucky enough to do so and try and appreciate the amazing beauty and wonder that nature has to offer us.


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