Little Known Hummingbird Facts

I just love trivia facts.  I can discover trivia facts on any subject and then when the opportunity presents itself I love to amaze my friends and family with the information.  I am constantly discovering new facts about hummingbirds that I never before knew.  Well, now I can share this information with all of you.  Hope you enjoy it!

Here are some facts about a hummingbird’s amazing metabolism:

      • A hummingbird’s metabolism is roughly 100 times that of an elephant.
      • A human male would have to eat 285 pounds of hamburger every single day to maintain his weight.
  • An average sized hummingbird will have about 940 feathers.
  • There are two sub-families of hummingbirds:
    • Typical hummingbirds
    • Hermit hummingbirds

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