Keys to Locating a Hummingbird Nest

A hummingbird nest can be extremely difficult to locate. Have you ever wanted to see one but did not know how to locate one? This post will offer some advice that may help you successfully locate one. You may not even have to go far to do so, it may be as close as your own yard.

Hummingbird nest are commonly located in the droopy branches of a tree about 8 to 12 feet above the ground.

It is also extremely important to look near a water source whenever you are trying to locate a hummingbird nest. Humidity is vitally important to help ensure the proper development of the embryo inside the egg. This explains why hummingbirds prefer to build near rivers, streams, ponds and lakes. Many hummingbird species also desire to nest near a reliable food supply, so the birds are looking for there to be abundant blossoms in the area. At the same time, the nest will be protected from rainfall and direct sunlight, thus making it likely to be tucked away and difficult to spot.

Those of you that have hummingbirds frequently visiting your yard, will possibly find a hummingbird nest in your yard as well. You should pay special attention in the end of June and early July to see if there are any young birds that do not fly very well. This is a sign that there is a hummingbird nest in your area.

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