Dear Mom Hummingbirds

Is the Nest Abandoned Or Not?

A relative had found a hummingbird nest in their yard and they then spent the next several days observing it and the activity of the mother feeding her young. I then received a call because the relative was concerned because they feared the young hummingbird had been abandoned by its mother. They wanted to know what to do if anything. My advice follows and I know that my mom would have been fascinated by the situation as well.

It is very rare for abandonment to occur but it can happen. Take note of whether the young appear to be healthy. This is a good sign that the young are being well cared for. It is likely that the mother bird has gone in search of food to feed the young and will eventually return to the nest. Another possible explanation may be that due to the young hummingbird’s stage of development the need for feeding may occur very infrequently and you are therefore unable to observe it happening.

The best advice I can offer is that you will need to watch the nest continuously for an hour or longer to know if the mother hummingbird has returned to the nest or not. If after all this, you have not seen the mother hummingbird return, I would then finally recommend that you contact a wildlife expert for further assistance with handling the matter.

I am happy to report that the nest in my relative’s yard had not been abandoned, as the relative saw the mother hummingbird later in the day. Of course, this news made me quite happy, but I was also pleased to be able to provide them with the knowledge and assistance required. I sincerely hope this information could also benefit you if it ever became necessary.

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