Hummingbirds of the West Indies

It may surprise you to lean, as it did me, that there are hummingbirds found in the West Indies. I don’t know if I found this so surprising because my geography skills are so poor or what, but I was amazed to discover this fact. I would have thought the West Indies like Hawaii and Australia would be too far for hummingbirds to travel.   Another interesting fact is that the hummingbird is one of the symbols of Gaudeloupe.
The most common species that you might see in Guadeloupe are the Antillean crested hummingbird, the blue-headed hummingbird, the purple-throated Carib, the green-throated Carib, the white-necked Jacobin and the ruby-topaz hummingbird. 
If you’re a photographer, you should find it easy to take a perfect picture of a hummingbird, while it’s fluttering to feed on a flower, because the birds are plentiful in number there. Your photograph will make a wonderful souvenir!


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