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Hummingbirds By the Numbers

There are approximately 340 different species of hummingbirds in the world, yet hummingbirds make up only a small portion of the world’s total number of nearly 10,000 different bird species.

Of the approximately 340 different hummingbird species, there are only 8 species which are known to breed in the United States.

I majored in accounting in college, so numbers have always interested me. As a result, I find statistical data on hummingbirds to be quite fascinating because I can compare it to other species of birds and see where the hummingbird ranks compared to other species of birds.

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Hi there. Although I normally don’t write a response on blogs, I thought I would today, only to thank you really! I’ve finally got the information I was looking for (via your blog) on the 6th page of Google results! So now I’m all covered. Thanks again! Joyce

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