Hummingbirds Are Not Pets

Many people are avid animal lovers and absolutely dote on their animals. Many times people consider there pet a member of the family and they pamper their animals. This is probably due to the unconditional love and devotion that our animals show us, but it is important to remember that not all animals make good pets. This is certainly true of the hummingbird. While this is one of nature’s most amazing creatures, it is important to remember that these birds have never been intended to be kept in captivity as our pet. So, enjoy the beauty of nature and the pastime of bird watching, but please don’t ever try to make a hummingbird your pet.
It is important to remember that wild animals do not make good pets. Hummingbirds have a specialized diet hat is extremely difficult to duplicate. The diet of the hummingbird consists of plant nectar, plant pollen and insects. Just how vital is nectar to a hummingbird? Extremely vital. 90 percent of the hummingbird’s diet is nectar. Yes, your hummingbird feeders can provide an alternate source of nectar, but this is not enough. Let me explain. Hummingbirds visit 1000 flowers per day and in so doing serve as pollinators for these followers. Without the hummingbirds, these flowers would not reproduce and the world would be a far less colorful and beautiful place. Due to their specialized dietary requirements, the hummingbird would be hard to feed properly, and they might get sick and die because of this. 
They prefer to live in a large territory where they can use their specialized flying skills to find food and mates. This is something which it would be impossible for the pet owner to provide a hummingbird. Hummingbirds are also territorial and very aggressive, bold little birds, and it is highly unlikely if not impossible that the hummingbird could be the affectionate and loving companions that people want their pets to be.
Enjoy the beauty and splendor of these tiny flying jewels of nature, but please never try to capture one with the intent of trying to make it your pet. There are too many other animals which make great pets, so if you are looking for a pet that will provide love, companionship, devotion and more choose one of them. 

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