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Hummingbird Trivia Facts for My Brother

Today, for no particular reason, I have been thinking of my oldest brother, who lives elsewhere and whom I have not seen in more then a year. He will soon be coming home for a visit and our family reunion. Yea! Can you tell I am really excited? Well, you must be wondering what does my brother’s upcoming visit have to do with the subject of hummingbirds? Nothing directly, but my brother is a big trivia buff so I am sure that while he is here he will share with me some of the interesting trivia facts, on a wide range of topics, that he has discovered since I last saw him. Since the subject of hummingbirds is one on which I have a distinct knowledge advantage over him, I want to be able to offer him a few bits of trivia on the subject of hummingbirds.

A hummingbird is the smallest of all animals that has a backbone and it is also the smallest bird.

Whenever a hummingbird is in the hibernation-like state known as torpor, their metabolic rate will slow down to 1/15 of its normal rate. A hummingbird will enter the state of torpor to help it conserve energy whenever food is scarce or while they sleep.

Percentage wise,4.2% of its total body weight, makes the hummingbird’s brain the largest of all birds.

I hope all of you like my oldest brother enjoy discovering interesting trivia facts. These are just a few of the many interesting facts that there are about hummingbirds.

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