Hummingbird Species Known to Breed in the U.S.

There are sixteen different species of hummingbirds found in the United States.  The following is a list of the various hummingbirds which breed in the United States.  It is my hope that this list will encourage you to discover much more about each of these species.

 Allen’s  Selasphorus sasin
 Anna’s  Calypte anna
 black-chinned  Archilochus alexandri
 broad-tailed  Selasphorus platycercus
 calliope Stellula calliope
 Costa’s  Calypte costae
 rufous  Selasphorus rufus
 berylline Amazilia beryllina
 blue-throated  Lampornis clemenciae
 broad-billed  Cynanthus latirostris
 buff-bellied  Amazilia yucatenensis
 lucifer  Calothorax lucifer
 magnificant (Rivoli)  Eugenes fulgens
 ruby-throated  Archilochus colubris
 violet-crowned  Amazilia violiceps
 white-eared  Hylocharis leucotis

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