Hummingbird Migration Myth

One of the most frequent myths about hummingbirds is that they migrate by riding on the backs of geese.  I have always found it difficult to believe that anyone would actually believe this myth, but believe me they do.  You would not believe how often I have been asked about this.  This myth is simply not true!  Let’s examine the migration of hummingbirds and geese. Except for a few birds in a small area of the country, there is virtually no overlap in the migration pattern and timing of geese and hummingbirds. Most hummingbirds are long gone before the first geese come out of the Arctic.

Generally speaking, hummingbirds and geese have very different habitats.  Hummingbirds tend to live in wooded and steamy-areas that are rich in flowers.  Geese stay on ponds, lakes, and rivers and forage for their food in water, on grain fields, and on lawns.

Hummingbirds are extremely aggressive and teratorial birds so it is highly unlikely that they would tolorate a close association with other birds.  Usually, a hummingbird will attack or chase away another bird if they try to get too close to the hummingbird.  Also, it is extremely unlikely that a geese would tolorate any other bird on its back.

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