How Long Does the Mirgratory Journey Take?

Have you ever wondered just how long it takes for a hummingbird to complete their migratory journey?  If so, I have the answer for you.  The actual answer depends on how often the hummingbird stops to rest along the way and where they are journying to and where they are returning from.  For example, a journey from the northern United States to the gulf coast would take between 5-10 days to complete depending on the number of stops made along the way.  If the hummingbird tavels as far as Panama it will take the bird about two weeks to complete that journey.  The hummingbirds will remain in warmer climates until it is time for them to once again head north and mate. 

Hummingbirds know when to migrate because of something known as photoperiod.  This is when there are changes in the length of daylight and this is signaled by hormonal changes within the hummingbird’s body.

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