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Female Hummingbird Reproductive Facts

Have you ever wanted to know anything about the reproductive system of the female hummingbird? If so then this post is just what you have been searching for and will provide you with many of the answers you seek.

Fist off, the reproductive system of the female hummingbird is called the female gonad. Because a hummingbird is so very tiny and therefore must be as light as possible for flight, these organs shrink during non-breeding months. At birth, female hummingbirds have two ovaries, but soon after birth the right ovary will disappear thus serving to lighten hummingbird’s overall body weight. The left ovary is unaffected and thus remains fully functional.

This post brings to mind thoughts of my mom. These are the type of unusual facts or information that mom would have so enjoyed discovering. I hope that the same can be said of all of those who visit this blog.

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