Challenges of Hummingbirds Due to Humans

The life of the hummingbird is not without challenges today. As human population and development is ever expanding, the hummingbird’s natural habitat is quickly decreasing in size, their breeding grounds are being lost and even their migration routs are changing.

The good news is that hummingbirds seem to be a favorite among gardeners and birdwatchers. The reason for this fondness may be due to the bird’s seer beauty or feisty nature. Regardless, hummingbirds are fortunate because they have developed the ability to adapt and find food in our gardens or at our hummingbird feeders.

My point is that often we humans are responsible for the loss of wildlife due to our destroying their habitat. Progress and development are often necessary in today’s society, but let’s each do what we can to try and ensure the survival of these birds. While no one has all the answers as to how to do this, there are simple things that we each can do to provide help to the hummingbirds. Each of us can plant flowers or plants which are known to attract hummingbirds and/or it is also easy to provide hummingbird feeders which will provide an alternate food source for the hummingbirds.

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