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Black-Chinned Hummingbird Grooming

Even a hummingbird has the need to groom itself. It is likely that few of you have actually witnessed this event firsthand, so you many wonder how the hummingbird does so. This video shows a Black-chinned Hummingbird actually grooming itself and in addition I have explained a bit about how a hummingbird accomplishes the task of grooming itself.

The hummingbird’s bill and claws are the tools it uses to groom its self. The hummingbird will clean itself by using the oil from a gland near their tail. The hummingbird will groom all parts of its body. Here is how the bird does so.

When the hummingbird wants to groom its head and neck, the bird will do so by using its front three claws like a comb. When a hummingbird wishes to groom their beak or neck, the hummingbird will do so by rubbing them against a twig.

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