Are There More Hummingbirds After a Hurricane?

Here in southeast Texas, prior to the two recent hurricanes, Gustav and Ike, this area was not having a great deal of hummingbird activity.  I can’t explain the reason for this.  Following each of the recent hurricans, there has been an increase in the amout of hummingbirds seen in the area.  Once again, I am unable to explain the reason for this.

Following Hurricane Ike, my boyfriend, Donald, called me, while I was still evacuated from the area, to report that there were may hummingbirds in his parents front yard.  Donald’s parents live in Lumberton, Texas and they had not seen many hummingbirds prior to the hurricane.  Donald, who is visually impaired, said that he had thought the hummingbirds were bees because of the sound they were making until his mom said that it was hummingbirds not bees making the noise.  Apparently, the birds were trying to feed from the nearby hummingbird feeder, which was empty.

Also, I recently saw a video on Youtube that was shot in Orange, Texas and shows some hummingbirds when the wind is truly blowing duing Hurricane Ike.  I don’t know who captured the video, but I know that I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself.  You see, I hate hurricanes and I want to be as far away from one as possible whenever it is about to strike our area! 

Both of these events have caused me to question why there are more hummingbirds around following a hurricane.  I myself do not know the answer to this question.  Does anyone else out there know the answer to this question?  If so, please share the answer wilth us.  Thanks.  Wondering about this is driving me crazy!

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