Abandoned Hummingbird or Not?

Have you ever seen a young hummingbird alone in the nest and worried that it was abandoned by its mother? If so, you are not alone. How do you determine if this has occurred or not? Let me explain.
You should observe the nest for quite sometime continuously, at least an hour or so maybe more, to determine if the mother hummingbird is indeed returning to the nest or not. 
As a general rule, if the young look healthy then the mother is taking good care of them. It is important to remember that the feedings can happen very quickly and, depending on the stage of development of the young, sometimes occur infrequently.
It is extremely rare for the mother hummingbird to abandon her young, but sadly this does sometimes happen.  Please never assume that abandonment has occurred. Let the information above be of help to you whenever you are unsure and trying to make a decision about the matter.

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