A Hummingbirds Senses

Have you ever thought about how a hummingbird’s senses compare with a human’s? The answer to this question depends on to which sense you are referring.    I hadn’t ever before considered this issue until doing some research on the Internet. The information I discovered turned out to be quite fascinating and I hope you enjoy it as well.   
Hummingbird vision is much greater then ours in many ways. Hummingbirds can see things at a farther distance, and are able to see a wider spectrum of colors than we can, into the ultraviolet range. They are especially attracted to the color red. A hummingbird reacts to sights much more quickly than we can.
A hummingbird’s hearing is more finely tuned than ours. It can hear higher-pitched sounds than we can, and can hear tiny differences in sound quality that our ears just simply can’t detect.
The hummingbird’s sense of touch is not as fine tuned as ours in some ways, although it can construct a nest with amazing accuracy relying partly on this sense. Hummingbirds probably cannot taste as many flavors as we can, though they apparently notice exactly how sweet nectar is, and prefer it very sweet. 
Hummingbirds do not have a sense of smell, as far as is known. They use their eyesight to help them locate nectar sources and to get insects out of the air or off leaves.
Both the hummingbird’s and man’s senses are truly amazing. Isn’t it just like God to provide us all exactly what we need to help ensure us the best chance for survival? 

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