A Hummingbird’s Need to Fight

Hummingbirds will fight whenever it is necessary. It is rare for the hummingbird to be injured during a fight and they do not attack humans. 
They will fight for nectar, insects, and to guard and defend their territory. Hummingbirds will use their bills and claws as weapons. Sometimes, the birds may even collide with one another.
Rarely, will a hummingbird be injured during a fight, because their instincts tell them not to risk injuring their bills. Amazingly enough, hummingbirds fight less whenever food is scarce.
Hummingbirds do not attack humans, but they have been known to get within inches of someone’s face. When this occurs, this can be frightening. 

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We’ve seen hummingbirds scrap on occasion near our feeder. I had heard hummingbirds can get vicious from time to time, but it’s interesting that they have their limits. Thanks for passing along some info that answered a couple of my questions and satisfied my curiosity.


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