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A Few Surprising Facts About Hummingbirds

I have been fascinated about hummingbirds for quite sometime now and have actively been writing about them for more then two years now.  Much to my astonishment, even with all the information I have learned about the hummingbird within that time, my education on this subject is still always on going.

This post will share a few surprising facts or bits of trivia on the subject of hummingbirds.  As I read this information,  my mind turned to thoughts of my mom because she would have enjoyed hearing about it, and I thought others might as well so that is what prompted today’s post.

Here is a surprising fact about the diet of baby hummingbirds.  While they remain in the nest, their diet consist of only insects which they are feed by the mother.  Did you know this?  I did not.  This got me to thinking, “how does a young hummingbird (one that has just left the nest and is now on its own) know to add nectar as a part of its diet?”  The only way I can explain this is that it is something that the young birds know instinctively.

A hummingbird’s diet is composed of both nectar and insects.  The nectar provides the hummingbird the energy needed for flying and the insects are the hummingbird’s source of protein.

One more fascinating hummingbird fact to share with you. Not all species of hummingbirds migrate and of those that do not all species migrate at the same time.  The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is the first to begin the migratory journey, because this species is the most sensitive to cooler temperatures.

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Thanks for your comment. Thanks for the important reminder of having an ongoing dialogue with my readers. Glad you like the post and please visit the site often.

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