A Few Hummingbird Migration Theories

Did you know that not every species of hummingbird migrates? Well, this is true. Of the hummingbird species which do migrate, have you ever wondered why this occurs? No one knows with absolute certainty why it is that hummingbirds migrate, but there are several possible theories available as to why this might occur. This post will examine these.

One possible theory is that the hummingbirds are aware of the changes in the amount of daylight and also the amount of insects and flower nectar available prior to migrating.

Another theory is that chemical changes take place within the bird’s body that let it know that it is time to migrate.

There are also those that believe the hummingbirds are following the flower or insect population and that this is what is responsible for the migration of the hummingbirds.

It is important to remember that these possible explanations as to why hummingbirds migrate are only theories and that no one truly knows why this occurs. These theories are interesting to consider, but I think there has to be more to this matter then is currently known. After all, if these theories were completely true, then how come all hummingbird species do not migrate?

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