A Few Facts About Hummingbird Bands

Hummingbird banding provides valuable information to researchers about hummingbirds. In this post you will discover a few facts about hummingbird bands and how these things are used to help provide researchers with valuable information about hummingbirds.

A person must be licensed to band hummingbirds. There are both federal and state licenses which an individual may obtain. It is up to the individual to determine which type of license they wish to obtain or if they so choose they may obtain both types of licenses.

A hummingbird band is amazingly lightweight. Just how much does this band weigh? Not much at all, because it takes an incredible 5,500 to weigh one ounce. That’s right, I said 5,500 to weigh one single ounce!

Each band contains a letter and five numbers and each one is unique. These unique bands will allow those who band hummingbirds to know if the hummingbirds remain in the area for an entire winter or if these same birds return in future years.

Through the use of these bands, if a hummingbird is recaptured in the future, it will help provide valuable information on the migration routes of hummingbirds.

A hummingbird band does not weigh much at all but it does provide researchers will valuable information about hummingbirds. This is why it is so important that the banding of hummingbirds is done.

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