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Slow Motion Hummingbirds 2 HD 720p

This video shows some HD footage of a female Allen’s Hummingbird and the hummingbird’s wing beats are in perfect sync with the high-speed shutter at times, thus creating the illusion the wings are stopped! There is also a female Anna’s Hummingbird that appears in the video.

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Is there something malfunctioning with your blog or with my web browser? I keep clicking on the subscribe button and I get some strange code from the web browser. The feed content shows many strange characters and it looks messy. Maybe it’s from the new module I set up to get the subscription feeds into a custom way. Funny, never the less.


There is no problem with the blog, so I am not sure what your trouble is caused by. Sorry about this. Maybe this information will be of some help. You can subscribe via RSS and have your RSS reader update with new posts. Both Yahoo and Google have an RSS reader built into your accounts. So if you have a Yahoo account or a Google account this is pretty easy to do.

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