Dear Mom Hummingbird Videos

Hummingbird Nest Building

Many people will never see a hummingbird nest, so I thought you would enjoy getting to see the mother hummingbird constructing the nest.

If you want to try and spot a hummingbird nest on your own, here’s what to look for. In general, hummingbirds mate and nest during the times of year when flower blossoms are abundant. In tropical areas, where food is available year round, the breeding season is less predictable.

It is also important when trying to find a hummingbird nest to look near a water source. Humidity is important to ensure the development of the embryo inside the egg.

This video makes me think of my mom, because I know that she would have enjoyed seeing it. To my knowledge, mom never had the good fortune to see a hummingbird nest in person.

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