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Hummingbird Flowers

Don’t let the fact that you have a limited amout of space, like a small deck , keep you from trying to attract  hummingbirds, because it can be successfully done.  You just have plant the right types of flowers to attract them.   This video shows them eating from Fuschia triphylla, ‘Lady in Red’ salvia, Mexican sunflowers (Tithonia), and calibrachoa (Million Bells).  

I found it quite interesting to see the hummingbirds up close and feeding from so many flowers.  Usually, they feed so quickly that it isn’t something you can often fully appreciate.  Enjoy!

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Thanks for the video. We found hummers flocked to fushia at our place this year as well. It was the first time we’ve used this plant, which was potted as small tree-like shrub. In addition, we took four starter cardinal plants and put them in a window ledge pot and these flowers were even more attractive than the fuschia, especially in the first feeding just after sunrise. We were also successful attracting them to a butterfly bush. The color was “Blue Knight,” a dark blue almost approaching purple.
Thanks again.

Yes, you may do so. Thanks for wanting to do so and for asking permission before doing so.

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