Hummingbird Pictures

Why Use a Monopod or Tripod?

Photographing hummingbirds can be difficult challenge. After all, these birds move extremely quickly, so any help to improve the odds of getting a good shot are appreciated right? Well, my advice would be to use a monopod or tripod whenever photographing hummingbirds. There are several reasons for this. Let me explain.
The tips listed below are not my own. They are found in the book entitled “The Complete Guide Attracting, Identifying and Enjoying Hummingbirds” by Donald and Lillian Stokes. This information and much more on how to successfully photograph hummingbirds was written by Sid Rucker, who is a nature photographer from Dallas, Texas. I wish to ensure that the authors are given proper credit for their knowledge and work.
  • It is recommended that you invest in a sturdy monopod or tripod.
  • This will allow you to keep the camera at your eye for hours on end and will be helpful whether using a blind or not.
  • Whenever you are using a tripod-mounted camera, the camera should be placed at such a distance from the feeder that the hummingbird will fill at least two-thirds of the frame.
  • Without the use of these devices, you will miss shots because you are not in a proper position to take the shots whenever the opportunity presents itself.
 So, happy hummingbird photographing everyone! It is my hope that this information will help you improve the quality of your hummingbird shots and make them that much more special to you.

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