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A Few Facts On Hummingbird Feeding Habits

A hummingbird feeding at a yellow flower
A hummingbird feeding at a yellow flower

A hummingbird must feed frequently or about every 10 minutes. They will feed on nectar, from flowers as well as feeders, as well as small insects such as spiders, flies and more.

Have you every wondered how many flower blooms a hummingbird visits per day? The answer many surprise you. One research study recorded an Anna’s Hummingbird visiting 1,000 flower blooms per day.

Hummingbirds are not born with an innate preference for the color red. Each hummingbird must learn the association between the red flowers and the fact that these flowers are a food source. Does this surprise you? It certainly did me.

A hummingbird can drink up to twice their body weight in nectar per day. This is far more then other species of birds which normally drink between 1/4-1/2 of their body weight per day.

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