Hummingbird Food

What is Peripheral Feeding?

It is a well known fact that hummingbirds are extremely territorial and will go to great lengths to defend their food source.  One species of hummingbird, the Rufous hummingbird, seems to take this measure even futher then other hummingbird species.  The rest of this post will explain exactly what I mean by that statement.

As a method of defending their territory and food source, the Rufous hummingbird practices what is known as peripheral feeding.  What is this?  Peripheral feeding is when the Rufous hummingbirds head out to the edge of their territory early in the morning and feed on the flowers that are found there first.  The hummingbirds will feed their on a first- come-first-serve basis as a way to avoid what is known as "territory parasites."

"Territory parasites" is the term used to discribe other hummingbirds which would steal food wherever they  can and thus endanger the food supply and ultimately the life of the Rufous hummingbird.

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