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Spring and Hummingbirds

It is supposed to be officially spring now, but you would not know it from the extremely cool temperatures we have still been experiencing thus far.  Regardless of the cooler temperatures, this time of year always makes me think of my mom and hummingbirds.  Why is this you may ask?  Well, that is what the rest of this post will explain.

I live within walking distance of a local home improvement center, and the garden center has out all types of brightly colored hanging baskets with all types of flowers that would attract hummingbirds.  My mom’s yard was full of hanging baskets each year that would successfully entice the hummingbirds to our yard, so each time I think of spring and see those hanging baskets I am reminded of my mom and our shared love of hummingbirds.

There are numerous plants that you could place in hanging baskets, but it is best to select plants which are known to thrive in hanging baskets.  Some possible choices include:  penstemon, salvia and petunia, because the hummingbirds can easily access the nectar due to their long, narrow bills and tongues.

You will want the plants you select for your hanging baskets to offer a wide variety of color.  Red colored flowers are ones which hummingbirds can see from a great distance, so offering flowers that are nectar-rich and come in various shades of red should always attract their attention.  However, flowers of almost any color, including orange, pink, purple, white and yellow will also attract hummingbirds and cause them to feed from these nectar-rich plants.

It is important to select plants with different bloom times.  Choosing plants that have a long bloom time will help provide the hummingbirds with a source of nectar for an extended length of time.  Another way to ensure that the hummingbirds will always have a source of nectar is to select plants that have staggered bloom times.

Hanging baskets are a simple, effective and space-saving way for anyone to attract hummingbirds to their yard, and they are also something that will forever remind me of my mom, spring and hummingbirds.  So, it must only be a short time ahead before I see my first hummingbird of the season.

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