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Rose of Sharon Attracts Hummingbirds

If you are looking for a bush to add to your yard, I would like to suggest the Rose of Sharon.  Your ability to select this bush will depend largely on where you live, as this bush is known to do well in zones 5-9 of the country.  Here is some further information about this bush that will help you deciede if this bush is something you would like to add to your yard as a way to attract more hummingbirds to your yard.

Normally, Rose of sharon bushes will be between 8-10 feet tall and have a spread of between 4-6 feet.  However there are some varieties of this bush that will only reach a height of between 5-8 feet tall.  The blooms of this bush can come in a wide variety of colors including:  light blue, lavender, red or white.  The Rose of Sharon often blooms late in the summer as well as leafs out late in the summer, so do not give up if it takes longer then you expect for this to occur.

If you wish to give this bush its desired shape, you can do so by pruning it in the winter of its first two growing seasons.  This will give the bush one main truck, which is why many people tend to refer to this bush as a tree.

The Rose of sharon bush does best when placed in full sun and well drained soil.  If you have an older Rose of sharon bush that is not doing very well, the problem may be caused by fungal damange because the bush has not been placed in an area where there is full sun.

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