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Never Microwave Nectar Solution

Because it is alright to boil hummingbird nectar solution, have you ever considered putting it in the microwave oven to bring it to a boil? If so, I’m sure you are not alone. This is a huge mistake and should never be done! Here is what I discovered on this subject.
You should never use the microwave to heat your homemade nectar solution. The microwave will heat the nectar solution hotter than boiling water and this causes a breakdown of the water molecules which makes the nectar solution to no longer suitable as hummingbird food.
I’m quite sure that no one who enjoys hummingbirds would ever intentionally harm these magnificent birds. So, if you have mistakenly ever heated you nectar solution in the microwave try not to feel too guilty. After all, we all make mistakes and must learn from them. Take the knowledge you have discovered here and share it with others to help prevent them from making the same mistake. You will feel good about helping someone else gain new knowledge and also about helping to insure the health of the hummingbirds.

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Hello I have enjoyed reading your articles. I need to clarify something about using the microwave. I use a glass Pyrex measuring cup to boil water in the microwave then remove and add the needed amount of sugar. Is that ok? I am not sure that is the same as "heating nectar".

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