Hummingbird Food

Hummingbirds are Non-Social

Just to give you some idea of how non-social and fiercely independent hummingbirds are by nature, hummingbirds do not depend on one another when trying to locate food or to fend off predators. These birds view each other as competitors for the nectar on which they depend. 
Male and female hummingbirds do not form a pair bond, and the birds only remain together for courtship and mating. I do not know how long the courtship display itself last. The act of mating only takes about four (4) seconds. Needless to say, the male and female remain together for only an extremely brief period of time. This is fine with the female hummingbird, because the amount of help that the male hummingbird would provide is outweighed by the burden of having the male around computing for food. The female hummingbird bares the sole responsibility for building the nests and caring for the young birds once they are born. After mating, the male has no further responsibilities toward reproduction. 
Have you ever wondered why hummingbirds seem to fight so much? Well, the information that follows will help explain this. It takes time for plants to secrete nectar into their flowers. Hummingbirds should time their visits to the flowers when the nectar supply is the greatest, but instead they wait until there other hummingbirds at the flowers wanting to feed as well. This results in the birds feeling the need to try and drive away anyone they view as their competition for the food supply.

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