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Design Keys for a Hummingbird Garden

Do you enjoy gardening and birdwatching?  If so, why not combine these two interest or hobbies in an effort to help you be more effective at attracting the hummingbirds to your yard.  With this in mind, set about creating a hummingbird garden in your yard.  Both you and the hummingbirds will be happy that you did so, because the yard will contain a wide variety of brightly colored flowers or pants that you will enjoy viewing and the hummingbird will then also have a natural source of nectar on which to feed.

You will want to create a hummingbird garden that contains the following elements.  Having these things will help ensure that your garden will be a success with the hummingbirds.  The elements are the following:

  • Diversity:  You want the plants to have a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, etc.
  • Attractiveness of the foliage
  • Easy to plant and maintain : This will make you want do the necessary work that the garden will require to maintain over time. 
  • Plants that bloom at different times:  This will ensure that there will be something on which for the birds to feed.
  • Offer a wide variety of color choices within the various plant species you select.
  • The bloom should have a showiness about it, as this will help capture the hummingbirds attention.

Doing the things listed above will help ensure that your hummingbird garden is a huge hit with the hummingbirds and it will also be the envy of your neighbors.  So once you have finished creating the hummingbird garden of your dreams, sit back and admire your hard work and be rewarded with so many hummingbirds who will also enjoy your efforts on their behalf.

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